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Thank you so much Rob!

I just recieved my order and it is amazing. It has really made my week. Thank you so much for your prompt service. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to dealing with you more in the future.

Hi. Just recieved the M92. WOW. What an awesome piece, and loud. Absolutely stoked.
Thanks again.

Modern Military Guns
AK47 with real wooden stock

87cm   Ref: D1086
Our Price $599.00
AK47 with under folding stock

87cm   Ref: D1097
Our Price $595.00
U.S. M1 Garand .30 cal

110cm   Ref: D1105
Our Price $599.00
SMLE Lee Enfield (fully wooded)

   Ref: D1090
Our Price $657.00
 German MP40 Machine Pistol

Ref: D1111C
Our Price
Thompson M1 "Gangster Gun"

86cm   Ref: D1092
Our Price
WW2 U.S. M1 Carbine

Sorry out of stock.
Ref: D1120C
Our Price $506.00
U.S. M1 Carbine with folding stock

Ref: D1131C
Sorry out of stock. Due mid 2019.
Our Price $506.00
WW2 Thompson M1A1

Sorry out of stock. Due Mid 2019

82cm     Ref: D1093
Our Price $540.00
German Walther P38  black

Ref: D1081
Our Price $161.00
Wooden grip German Luger P08

Our Price
  Ref: DM1145 Artillery model

$299.00   Ref: DM1143  Standard  Model
Black grip German Luger P08

Our Price
$287.00     Ref: D1145 Artillery model
$276.00   Ref: D1143  Standard  Model
Sorry out of stock.
Colt 1911  with wooden grips

Ref: D1227M
Sorry out of stock.
Our Price $265.00
Colt 1911  with Chequred wooden grips

Ref: D1227P
Our Price
Colt 1911  Nickle finish

Sorry out of stock. Due mid 2019
Ref: 1227NQ
Our Price
Colt 1911  with black  grips

Ref: D1227

Our Price
Beretta M92

Ref: D1254

Sorry out of stock.
Our Price $253.00
1898 Mauser with wooden grips

Ref: DM1024
Our Price $214.00
German Walther PPK black

Ref: D1277
Our Price $194.00
German Walther PPK Silver

Ref: D1277NQ
Our Price $207.00

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