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Thank you so much Rob!

I just recieved my order and it is amazing. It has really made my week. Thank you so much for your prompt service. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to dealing with you more in the future.

Hi. Just recieved the M92. WOW. What an awesome piece, and loud. Absolutely stoked.
Thanks again.

Replica Cannons and Swords
British Naval Cannon 18th Cent.

   Ref: D407
Our Price $204.00
Roman Sword 1st Century B.C.

   Ref: D4116L
Our Price $304.00
1806 French Napoleon Cannon

   Ref: D420
Our Price
19th Cent. French Briquet Cutlass

   Ref: D4127
Our Price $177.00
1881 U.S. Gatlin Gun

17.5cm    Ref: D421
Our Price
16th Century Priate Sabre

   Ref: D4143L
Our Price $204.00
1857 U.S. Civil War Cannon
19cm    Ref: D422
Our Price
 King Aurthers "Excalibur"

   Ref: D4170L
Our Price $360.00
11th Cent. Medieval Ballistic  Catapult

   Ref: D426
Our Price
Russian Sabre

   Ref: D4191
Our Price $228.00
1857 U.S. Civil War Cannon

   Ref: D445
Our Price
All cannons are non-firing models and swords come complete with scabbards.

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